Aceasta carte a fost extraordinara.Mi-a placut enorm si m-a pus pe ganduri.Subiectul este unul care se potriveste si in zilelor noastre(prezent).Suntem absobiti de tehnologie (telefon,facebook,instagram,televizor),nu mai citim carti,nu ne mai folosim creierul sa gandim.Cum scria si in carte ”televizorul iti spune ce sa gandesti,cum sa gandesti ,pare sa aiba dreptate”.Si incepem sa fim foarte obsedati de tehnologie,nu zice nimeni ca tehnologia nu este buna dar nu trebuie exagerat si o putem folosi si pentru a ne informa.Nici eu nu citeam,dar mi-am propus sa citesc de acum cat mai mult si aceasta carte m-a ambitionat si mai mult.Cum spune Philip Sidney”placuta hrana a stiintei ce-n dulce grai e invelita” tot in aceasta carte FAHRENHEIT 451.Imi place mult acest citat ,cartile sunt hrana mintii si ne solicita creierul sa il folosim chiar mai mult de (10%).Trebuie sa ne trezim si sa ne revenim din acest somn.M-a fascinat  cartea si chiar m-a pus pe ganduri ,dar ce m-a impresionat este ca existau oameni care au citit carti,ca personajul principal Montag simtea ca ceva nu este in regula si pana la momentul in care a ars biblioteca unei femei ,a vazut cat de mult tinea femeia la acele carti a realizat ca ceea ce  face el este gresit.M-a mai impresionat si cand s-a intalnit cu Clarisse McClellan o tanara care se plimba noaptea ,statea in ploaie.Este o carte minunata si v-o recomand sa o cititi .M-a facut sa privesc realitatea asa cum este.

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Crăciunul și anul 2018

Mai este o zi și este Crăciunul.Iubesc Crăciunul și această periadă a anului.Îmi place să dăruiesc cadouri celor dragi , să primesc cadouri,împodobesc bradul,merg la patinoar, să mă uit la filme de Crăciun (ca Singur Acasă 1 și 2, deși le-am văzut de o grămada de ori la fel cum și voi le-ați vazut ,dar râd mereu încontinuu), să beau ciocolată caldă, etc. Totuși să nu uităm semnificația Crăciunului,unii ar spune caă mâncam și bem,dar semnificația Crăciunului este alta.De Crăciun suntem alături de cei dragi,trebuie să fim mai buni(și nu doar de Crăciun ar trebui să fim buni ci tot anul,pentru că altfel suntem falși), să daruim celor care au nevoie,înseamnă iubire.Sărbatorim nașterea lui Iisus Hristos care s-a sacrificat pentru noi,pentru umanitate.De la an la an în magazine devine din ce in ce mai aglomerat, oamenii cumpărând mai multe de sărbatori.Începem să comercializăm Crăciunul și asta nu e bine,uitând adevarata semnificatie a Crăciunului.Nu o să uit semnificația Crăciunului, o să îl iubesc mereu.Joi am decorat bradul(natural),este frumos și chiar miroase.Că tot vine Crăciunul și intram în 2018 m-am tuns (o să vă las o poză cu tunsoarea mea).Intrăm in 2018 și pot spune că 2017 a fost un an bun ( cu bune și cu rele, ca orice an). Mi-am dat seama ce vreau să fac mai departe cu viața mea și știu că o să reușesc dar trebuie să lupt.

Eu vă urez un Crăciun fericit si 2018 să fie un an cat mai bun.

Whatever you do and say matters!

Hello!As You know today is for free(students) and since I want to talk about something important.Yesterday at my child’s school(grade-IX) after the bell rang after big break,he cut his wrists with a razor at geography.After a colleague’s class  teacher announced and called 112.Fortunately the boy was well and would have done and because some colleagues who laughed ,joked because he is high.It matters very much what we say and what we do. Should no longer criticize others that are fat ,tall that we are not perfect,nobody is.Some may be interested very much  what other people think and I am interested in( often),but I realize that we should not be interested in what others think because there will never do what really want.We need to be careful around us and if we can help someone to do it.We must be good!

Every second,minute counts to save someone!

Back to school

Hi!How are you?As you know, tomorrow we start school.Summer vacation is over, I can say that we had a nice holiday.I was at sea, I felt well, I kinda burned in the sun, but it was a beautiful experience.I’ve been and the mountains in Piatra Neamt, there I gave  gondala I went to monasteries, I went to the house of Ion Creanga, where I saw the iron of that time, costumes, etc.I’ve been to the tomb of Veronica Darcle at the Heroes Mausoleum and Neamt Fortress.Then I returned home, I was with friends, I watched the series and that’s what I did on vacation this.But now it’s over and we start school vacation, back to reality. I want to get along well at school, I realize what they are good and I realize what I’m doing next as I want to work and I love what I do.But these things are discovered in time, but I hope you realize.Anyway I wish those who go to school all the best and believe me I will do great.

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Life is beautiful, you should know how to look

Today I realized something.I can be who I want to be.And to be.I must live in the present, to enjoy life.I can do anything I suggest.It’s time for me to overcome my fears and listen to their advice.Their fears create us in our subconscious.But if we do not stand in the way ourselves, we do not sabotage have no reason we can not succeed.Nothing is impossible.

The stars are so beautiful.As I say, the more a star shines even louder hoping for a man increases.

Believe in your dreams .Believe in you.

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With mask

Returning, I stood watching, observing people and I think that each of us was wearing a mask.We hide behind a mask, each of us.We really are when we mask down.Until then we are as a shadow of our true face.To become always as we dream and get where we want.But it is a very long way and there are many ups and downs, so is life.Since I did not mask down and still try to be as I want, but someday gonna make everything I want.It’s just a matter of time before everyone will give the mask.

Nothing is what it seems!

Appearances always deceive!

To find the true values ​​always have to dig deeper, to look more, to find valuable people close to you.

As a conclusion I would say that everyone is a book with a cover, a label of, but what’s inside is really valuable.



Truth hurts!

You’ve heard the phrase “the truth hurts”?Most often this expression turns out to be true.The truth is that my mind did not change anything, to be honest I think it bothers me more that things are not as I would have liked it.But maybe you should not try to control everything, every life has its course, but it is true that the choices we make affect our life.I can say that things have not happened as I wanted to 16 years, but still I remember that I had a good day when I was 16 years.I was with my cousin Elena movie in Power Rangers in 2017, I went to KFC, we walked through stores after home.I realize I can not control what happens, life takes its course, all I can do is live now and be ready for what follows.This is the absolute truth.

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I look at a very interesting movie.It’s called “The Age of Adaline” .What this is about:

After miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline Bowman has lived a solitary existence, never allowing herself to get close to anyone who might reveal her secret. But a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones reignites her passion for life and romance. When a weekend with his parents threatens to uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that will change her life forever.

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What it really means to be good?Means to help your neighbor, to pray for those who’re enemies to be good, to forgive those who have wronged you, to help those in need, his love others as yourself (well first to love yourself [but not overly]) and not expect anything in return.That’s what God expects from us ‘love’.Love is affection, kindness.God tests us every day, even if we do not realize.Life is way we have to go and what I did in life can send us to heaven or hell.God wants only good when we deviate from the “right path” he is trying to return to the “right path”.Each has its own destiny, but when we realize that our destiny is to love our neighbor, then love is God.Without God we can not manage to become better people, to make the world a better place.We should be close to God, not only when we need when we feel helpless, but you do not need should give thanks for all we offer.We should be close to God, not only when we need when we feel helpless, but you do not need should give thanks for all we offer.God is love, God is goodness.Without God we are lost in the wilderness.God gives us strength, God is life.